Help / FAQ

How to adjust the time on my Circles or Revolution watch ?

To adjust your Circles or Revolution watch, you need a pointy tool (a paperclip, a tooth-pick, a pen…).
At the back of the watch, press on the central button to make the hands move forward. Release the tool when you get closer to the desired time and adjust the minutes by briefly pressing on the button.

How to close my Milanese strap ?

1. Clip the hook part of the short strap onto the buckle’s cross-bar.

2. Close the short strap flat piece.

3. Flip and clip the buckle lock piece over in order to secure the strap.

How to adjust my Milanese strap ?

1. Place a thin screwdriver – or other pointy tool – through the central slot of the milanese strap buckle and and lift the middle locking piece.

2. Slide the buckle to the desired location.

3. Press the central locking piece back down to lock the buckle in position.

How to replace my wristwatch strap ?

1. Place the fork of your strap changing tool between the edge of the strap and the case.
2. Press inwards on the spring bar to compress it.
3. Gently pull the strap away from the watch
To put your new strap on, do this sequence in reverse.

How to attach the strap on my Memento watch ?

1. With a small flat-bladed screwdriver, unscrew the screw post engraved with the signature pocket.
2. Pass the strap through the watch ring. Do this from the front side of the watch and fold it around the ring.
3. Screw the engraved screw post back on.

How to remove the wooden shell from my Memento watch ?

1. Position your thumb on the back of the crown tube.
2. With two fingers, gently pull the wooden shell backward while pushing forward on the crown tube.